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1 Key and 2 refined metals in need

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1 Key and 2 refined metals in need Empty 1 Key and 2 refined metals in need

Post  clifford_696 on Fri Nov 05, 2010 2:46 pm

Hello i just got this crate but it needs a key so im posting this 2nd i need 2 refined metals since i got some unusual metal and i need to make a headtaker

I will trade for: Ubersaw,Wrangler,Cloak and dagger (give a dead ringer in that case please),and i will trade for scottish resistence also i forgot i will also trade for sniper or pyro mask
Free:If you have 2 keys in that case i need only 1 dont lie you have 1 key or i will simply report you to valve for lying.2 keys = FREE FOR ME, 1 key= item
if you have spare refined metal fell free to post it in and i can give you an additional item would you kindly.

Make sure to hurry before the whole uptade goes boom!


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